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A blessing in disguise. This is our story. In three words.

Techwize founders and Comrax owners have been managing software development projects, complex websites, IT systems, and applications for over two decades. Obviously, we too have been struggling to find and recruit quality manpower, the most important asset of every successful company. These difficulties have been growing as giant tech companies and we compete for the same developers.

We tried working with recruiting agencies and with headhunters. We tried a variety of outsourcing methods, and we imported developers from abroad. We even started teaching and training developers from scratch. All these efforts were costly, lengthy, and required additional resources. Still, the success rate was largely low. Additionally, our need for skilled developers grew as we experienced growth over the years. Recruiting manpower was now a challenge and a real problem. We needed a real solution.

Luckily, we found the solution in Zambia, Africa. In Zambia, we identified high potential which could, once we establish an Israeli recruiting apparatus there, provide a solution not only for us but for many other technology companies in Israel and elsewhere. This is how Techwize came to be.

Since Techwize started operating a recruitment center in Zambia, we provided developers to many of our clients in Israel and abroad. These technology companies benefit from working directly with loyal, motivated, high-quality development teams. Our developers are native English speakers and are located in the same time zone as Israel. Furthermore, Techwize's Israeli management team in Zambia is focused on your needs and takes care of all the employment administration and employee management so you can focus on your project.

All in all, our clients enjoy a cost reduction of 65%.

Our goals are:

  • Provide our clients with a turnkey solution to the challenge of recruiting software developers.
  • Locate the personnel most fitting to your requirements, your project, and your work methods.
  • To manage all the administrative processes of offshore outsourcing, recruitment, and employment.
  • Continuously collaborate with our clients.
  • Allow our clients to focus solely on their software development projects.

Techwize is a subsidiary of Comrax. Comrax is a leading technology company in Israel, providing its clients with complete internet solutions, from websites through complex information systems, database integration, native application development, and digital transformation projects to a variety of clients and organisations, large and small.

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